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Trouble trying to download a (semi)large file.occurs in Firefox and IE?

I was trying to download a 50mb file(large to me due to dialup) and after hit hit the 10mbs downloaded part it says download complete????it took me quite some time to even download that much and it just cuts off?this was in firefox by the there a erm... security feature or something that i need to turn off?

So then i decided to try in IE and sure enough right at the 10mb point it says download complete.This is where my security feature hypothesis was formulated.why would 2 different browsers both cut off at the same point? I've looked thru the download options on both browsers and found no luck. I'm using vista home premium btw.maybe the security feature has to do with vista?

Any help appreciated.

Trouble trying to download a (semi)large file.occurs in Firefox and IE?microsoft downloads

I have had the same problem before and it was because of the source i was downloading from.

Try getting the file else wear and use a download manager like Download Accelerator etc...

Hope this Helps

Good luck

Trouble trying to download a (semi)large file.occurs in Firefox and IE?microsoft word 2003 internet explorer

Clear your browser cache, and save the file to a different directory.

My computer keeps shutting down, it says there is a problem with there any way to fix it?

I had been playing on yahoo games, then I suddenly got booted, and I can't get back in, it says there is a problem with IE. I didn't do any thing or say anything wrong, how do I fix it? or do you?

My computer keeps shutting down, it says there is a problem with there any way to fix it?windows xp pro

Does a screen that says LSASS, with a 60 second countdown occurs? From IE...sounds like an LSASS virus...LSASS is a original Microsoft application..ususally used by virus programmers to shutdown is tricky to bypass such method because you have to work fast, through the command prompt to reprogram LSASS to shut down in 60 do this fast, because when you power on, LSASS begans and tries to shut you down in 60 seconds...after you managed this tricky part, you have to download a removal tool from McAfee...not sure if STINGER does it...I have four years since graduation working in the IT field, now I specialize in security, and its a mess! My point, the LSASS tread typically is what shutdowns a machine...What would help would be more feedback, more descriptive things, the actual full event to get an understanding as to what is happening, therefore, to truely clarify if it is truely being caused by a virus..

My computer keeps shutting down, it says there is a problem with there any way to fix it?microsoft net framework internet explorer

- restart your computer.

- download free firefox browser from and use it instead of IE.

- if shut downs continue contact geek squad:
I used to get that all the time till I found firefox. It is the best browser I've ever tried. I downloaded it a year ago and haven't opened internet explorer one time since. Try it, you'll love it!!
to fix this, download the latest IE. go to

but, yeah, firefox is one of the best browsers around. a lesser number of people are using it compared to IE, so less chances for exploits to be dealt with.k
Don't listen to Sasi. IExplorer is evil and it has more holes than swiss cheese at the wrong end of a shotgun fired 254 times. You want viruses, spyware, adware, popups? use Iexplorer. If not, use Firefox.

Is it illegal to buy designer shirts from out of the country, ie: lacoste, and sell in the US for a

I notice on EBAY that Lacoste polos are being sold way under retail value. These shirts retail for $72 and sell for anywhere upwards of $20. They are listed as authentic (ie: designed in France, made in Peru, etc)... so...I guess I want to know if these shirts are truly authentic and if so, is it illegal to buy in bulk at a cheap price (as low as $9 per shirt) and re-sell here in the States for much lower than retail while still making a profit? Does each state have different laws? I live in Florida. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Is it illegal to buy designer shirts from out of the country, ie: lacoste, and sell in the US for a profit?microsoft flight simulator

those shirts are almost always fakes. buying designer brands

off ebay is hardly ever a good idea, even if the price is fairly high so you would think it's authentic. generally it is illegal to sell those shirts on ebay or elsewhere in the states. but hardly anybody cares

if you buy authentic designer brands, they will cost roughly the same anywhere in the world. it doesn't matter if you buy a louis vuitton bag in paris or vietnam, it will still cost more or less the same. that being said, as long as they are authentic, you should be legally able to re-sell them, but i doubt you'll make much profit that way

Is it illegal to buy designer shirts from out of the country, ie: lacoste, and sell in the US for a profit?windows 2000 internet explorer

If they are counterfeit it is. The word authentic only means they look like the legal ones. If you suspect bogus products are being sold on ebay, you should try and alert the company and ebay of this. Ebay does not check out everything sold on it. They can't, its too big.

Some companies sell their seconds (item that do not meet quality standards set by the mfgr.) to others. These are then sold in low cost stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar etc.. A company like Lacoste will not do this cause it damages their name and also cost them sales. Then they would have to lower their prices.

No, those you saw on ebay are probably counterfeit.

Here is the url of the ebay forum about detecting Lacoste fakes.
These are "surplus" of the original production, sold in the "black" market with original tags. Factories are allowed to legally sell this surplus only if they cut off the tags.

If you sell items with cut-off tags, I don't know if you could have as much profit...

Anyone having problems with ASP.NET 2.0 and certain versions of IE?

We recently upgraded our website from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 and we are all of a sudden having some odd problems with certain versions of IE (we think we've narrowed it down to v2800).

For instance, when an AJAX call is made it will just "hang" for minutes at a time. We also get the same result with some very basic web controls like LinkButtons.

Has anyone else seen something similar to this or know what the problem may be? Upgrading browsers isn't an option because it's thousands of people and that would be pretty difficult.

Anyone having problems with ASP.NET 2.0 and certain versions of IE?windows server 2003

sure sounds like it's the server config or your app.. check the logs, how long does it take to make a trivial ajax call. is there something you are doing different in the http headers? does 2800 introduce some different encoding?

I'll throw in... that's what you get for trusting microsoft!

Why is it AUSSUMED (falsly most like in most cases) a young (ie 20s) teacher and student relationshi

Why is it AUSSUMED (falsly most like in most cases) a young (ie 20s) teacher and student over the age of concent or very close relationship is abuse of power or other claptrap.

Is it so unlikely and amazing a thought ... drum roll.

World news..

etc etc

That most people on this planet are not preditory, dont give a monkeys about power. Are not bullies.

And just happen to like each other and want to be specail freined as they fancy each other as well.

And will either stay togther maybe longer then many marraiges, fissle out or realise they aint suited and split up naturally like any other relationship?

Any no Im not a teacher but fail to see what anyones job be they a soldier, sailor or candlestick maker has to do with it.

Same applies to doctors, and patients, alien and warewolf, black and white whatever.

Plus if you think 16-19 year olds are all wimpy and innocnet you need to get out more.

And go see what they get up to in raves and parties.

Why is it AUSSUMED (falsly most like in most cases) a young (ie 20s) teacher and student relationship is abusemicrosoft live

I'm going out with someone who is nearly 5 years older then me and I'm in my teens and tbh its the best relationship I've had...but difference is my boyfriend doesnt have a profession which is to care for me and influence me in the world. Teachers are there to lead teens into a better way of life to guide them... this shows they need help and guidance and if they take advantage of that help then its wrong.

Why is it AUSSUMED (falsly most like in most cases) a young (ie 20s) teacher and student relationship is abusemicrosoft internet explorer internet explorer

let me don't have any children of your own and you're about 15?
Because its the LAW.

If they are that in love, they should have no problem waiting until the MINOR is NOT a minor any more.

Waiting takes maturity--if they can't wait, they aren't mature.
Because its wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It the same as any job. You don't date those who you teach. Whether it be a supervisor and associate or Teacher and student.
it is an abuse of the code of conduct, an abuse of a position of authority. if the relationship is that important the teacher / professional should change their job before consummating the relationship.
stop rambling, are you even a teacher and if so your desperate to date your student. it is seemed wrong because of the age gap and the fact that you are supposedly their guardian during school in a way its like dating your mum or something if she looked after you

wtf are you talking bout? ur just ******* rambling on about nothing you jackass.

look it's probably not abusive in the sense that your thinking of. but it abuses the code of conduct, and abuses her authority. also what happens if they break up that teacher could make the students life hell, or vice versa.
Because when a teacher becomes a teacher they take on responsibilities, one of which is the care of children. And having a sexual relationship with a child, ie under the age of eighteen is seen as an abuse of that responsibility.

Whether they fancy each other or not, the adult in the equation has to be the one to ensure it goes no further than a teacher/student relationship.
You know what, I did not read through all of your post. I think it's pretty obvious what you are getting at. Do you know that all tertiary education facilities prohibit student teacher relationships. Do you know why?

When one individual is in a position of power over the other, like a teacher and student or a boss and his secretary, there will be an inevitable overlap in the personal and profession relationship. That will inevitably lead to discord, resentment, and conflict. In such a relationship there can never be equality, and don't you think that when two people are in a relationship together they should be equals?

So here is the skinny on you and your younger man. If you love him, then you can wait until he is not your student, or going to your school, to have a relationship with him. If you don't love him, then you can do without him.

So please, stop bitching.
i think people see it as abuse of trust more than anything, parents send their children to school and expect them to be looked after and trust the teacher like an extension of family. if you can say that you would meet and start a relationship with a 16 yr old if they were not a pupil it's unlikely(when i say you...i don't actually mean you!)
well ...we can all tell your not a teacher by your spelling and if a person is 18 or over its their decision on what they do with their life and one younger than 18 still has parents to answer to and it is up to the parent /parents to protect their children .
For starters, a teacher's position to a student is one of power. Purposefully pursuing a student-- especially a minor-- from this position is the VERY DEFINITION of abuse.

Secondly, back to the point about the student being a minor: that would be called illegal.

As for 16-19 year olds being "whimpy". No, son, it's not all that. Wait till you grow up some, and you'll see just how very young 16-19 really is.
If you can't see how wrong this is - you are in the wrong job!

Thank God you don't teach my child.
How about this, drumroll, abuse of power. Suppose for the sake of your argument, teacher-student relationships were allowed, then the student does something teenage like, er I dont know, flirt, then the teacher lowers the grade because he/she is mad. Not going to happen you say, then either you are younger than you admit or are so naive you shouldnt be let out of the house without a guardian. Oh yeah one more thing if you are going to use a big word like assumed, spell it right at least once when you use it
Hmm raw nerve country here.

The simple fact is that teachers are given 'power' over students and are expected to use this wisely. They are, to a certain extent, moral guardians of the young and as much as you might want to analyse it and draw comparisons they have a role which is fairly unique - akin to that of parents.

The issue that people have with this is that if a teacher is looking romantically at a student then they may be swayed from guiding them down the path of what is best for them objectively.

There is also a concern that because they wield this authority that they could coerce the student who is 'young and impressionable' into something against their will or best interests - effectively 'leading them astray'.

Obviously I dont need to discuss the issues around doing this with under-age students.

The simple fact is that in modern society this relationship is seen as fundamentally wrong and an abuse of position, power and trust and as long as parents exist in the world I think it unlikely to change.
I DON'T think that there is anything wrong with someone having a relationship in theri early- late 20's with someone who is of a responsible age. THE PROBLEM with theacher-student relations, is that the teacher is in a position of authority, so when they get into a relationship with a student, it becomes an ethics violation. Not to mention, a conflict of interest.

How do you change the selected programs in IE?

How do you change what IE has selected to use such as mail programs under the TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, Program tab. So far using help has done nothing.

How do you change the selected programs in IE?windows movie maker

Click start and click 'Set program access and defaults'.

Self explanatory.

How do you change the selected programs in IE?microsoft project internet explorerNo I PICKED IT! not the community.... get it right Yahoo Report It

Tools %26gt; Options, then on the programs tab, use the drop downs to select what program you want associated with the task. The drop down should display all programs capable of each task, no matter how ridiculous the idea of using it is. For instance, Excel is listed as an HTML editor...

Why does my Computer displays every item in a CD with the IE icon?

It happens ONLY when I browse a CD, all files and folders have the IE icon, but on double click the files open with the right program, the folders take me to its content without problem. C:drive is fine, USB memmories are fine, it just started last friday on CD's for no apparen reason. is it a virus? please, help!

Why does my Computer displays every item in a CD with the IE icon?windows 98

ok, u need to reinstall windows xp again, if it is spreaded to other drives too, then u might have to format the whole hard drive, but try formating the drive C, then install windows xp, if it keeps doing the same thing, i suggest u format the whole drive.

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